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Where We are Going

One of the main drives of New Life Christian Center is to win the lost, especially those from the unreached people groups, for Christ. However, included in this effort is the recruitment and training of leaders from among these different groups. We intend to raise up leaders who can plant small groups, congregations, and churches that are culturally relevant and linguistically capable, and who will be forerunners in heralding the Gospel and making Disciples of the Nations.

The idea is to raise up leaders from various countries representing the unreached that will be trained to lead and who hopefully will later become coaches, shepherds and pastors. Our hope is that eventually New Life Christian Center will become a Central multi-congregational and multilingual Church organization with different congregations from many different backgrounds. The leadership of the church will be made up of representatives of each congregation and they will share one financial account and budget.

It could probably best be described using the following model:

Future structure


As one can see from the model, our intent is to have different congregations reaching out to different language groups, with an emphasis on reaching the unreached. Each congregation can become a structured church that would be united with the other congregations in drive, purpose, vision and finance. The hope would be that eventually the congregations would become large enough that we would be able to end and support our own ministers and missionaries, being sent back to their own countries overseas.


We once had a member of the congregation that stated that he could not figure out why it was that this Vision of Reaching the Unreached was so important. He went back and asked the Lord about it and the Lord told him, "because the time is short! It's urgent!" He said that the Lord let him know how close His coming was and that there was very little time left.

Large portions of the church have been asleep for many generations. It is more incumbent upon us than ever before, that we raise up leaders who are being adequately mentored and coached so that they are effective in reaching the unreached for Jesus Christ. For thousands of years the church has not been able to accomplished what was necessary: to bring the Gospel out to all the nations. Yes, some have been reached, but we have a long way to go. Now the Lord is bringing the nations to our shores. It's as if He will not allow the end to come without giving them a chance to hear (see Mat. 24:14), and things are speeding up very rapidly.

For this reason it is all the more important that a larger percentage of the global church become more involved in the Great Commission. Our time is running out and we have not yet fulfilled Christ's mandate to make disciples of all nations. The Vision New Life Christian Center is to position ourselves to be on the cutting edge of the fulfillment of this mandate.