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Our Ministries

Every human being longs to have a life full of meaning and purpose, but, in spite of this longing, inside of him or herself, everyone feels a deep, God-sized emptiness. Because of thisPreaching emptiness, people are constantly searching for something to fill it and to give meaning to their lives. Most people try to fill their emptiness and find meaning in their families or friends, in a new house, a better job, or a new car, or by searching to learn who they really are.

We at New Life Christian Center want to help you find a new beginning with a new life filled with meaning. We believe this new life is found in Jesus. We believe each person is created by God for a special purpose. When you begin a new life in Jesus and find the purpose for which he created you, you will find the meaning for your existence. He fills that God-sized emptiness inside each person.

At New Life we help you to find this new way of living through worshiping God together and through Pastor David's sermons from the Word of God. In our small groups you can bring your friends with their daily problems or sicknesses and be prayed and cared for. In our Sunday school classes your children will be taught about Jesus. In our special class for special needs children, we care for such children as those with autism, while parents can freely enter into worship and fellowship together. Our monthly women's breakfast and the group for men fill the special needs of each gender. At New Life Christian Fellowship we are excited to help each person to grow in their new walk with God.

Sunday Service

I appreciate that the church has supportive activities for people (adults and children) throughout the week.

The church has helped me to grow, die, and learn. I've drawn strength and stability from those in leadership to help me in my own life, walk and vision. I have grown to see more clearly what real needs are.