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In New Life Christian Center we are committed to seeing each person grow in their relationship with Christ and with each other.  We believe that God wants to see each individual become more like Christ every day.   We also understand that different people are helped to grow in different ways.  So we are recommending a variety of resources that we believe will help everyone no matter where they are in their spiritual walk.

Healing the Wounded SoulFirst we recommend a variety of books that address many different areas in the Christian walk.  They address different subjects, such as with daily devotional readings, God´s plan for your life, healing for your painful memories, help in reaching out to people who don´t know about Christ, with a special focus on the unreached, and sometimes just a good story. 

Secondly, we are recommending good praise and worship music.  We understand that music can take us into the presence of God like very few other disciplines in the Christian walk.  Praise and worship is also a form of spiritual warfare.  When the enemy attacks our minds and our spirits he has flee when we worship because he cannot stand the presence of Christ that enters in the room when we worship.  We are recommending music that has inspired our worship team. Many of the songs you will hear on these Albums are the ones we sing on Sunday Morning. 

ServiceThirdly we are putting Pastor David´s sermons online.  They can either be listened to online or downloaded.  Through his sermons you hear God´s plan for your life, His plan for the lost and how He wants to use us to accomplish His purposes on the earth.

Lastly we have a comment page where you can comment on any of the resources we have recommended and give a testimony of how they touched your life.  We would love to hear from you.