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Small Groups

If you are a New York city cell groupresident who is interested in joining a small group for community interaction and spiritual renewal click on the Small Groups tab. Beside each group you will find additional contact information.

Our home groups are dynamic and anointed. Many people have experienced spiritual breakthroughs in their lives as a result of attending these groups and applying newly learned biblical principles to their lives.

We would like to invite you to browse through the various groups that we have available and then get to know the leaders and their vision for those groups. See what would best suit your needs. I am sure that you will come to see your involvement in small group life as a priceless experience you will not forget.

cell groupMy small group has taught me to open up more and to allow myself to tell others of how God is working in my life. It has blessed me with a new family and beautiful friendships

I really enjoy that I get to know the other people in the church in a much closer way.