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The word of God is filled with stories of great women whom made big changes in their lives. One of the them is the story of Hannah, who prayed to God so intensively at the temple that called the attention of the priest. She received from God the answer to her prayer and conceived in her womb who would become prophet Samuel.

Women's breakfastIn the same way, God used many other women through time and history. It is through the faith and willingness that was in their hearts to serve God that today, you and I could be part of this history.

Come and share with us a delicious breakfast, where we are going to have a good time and will receive refreshment for our body, soul and spirit. God wants to bless you, prosper you, lift you up, and equip you like never before.

Woman, discover what is the purpose that God, through time, has called you to do, in you, your family and your community. We will study this in the light of His word. Our meetings are held every other Saturday of the month, from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm.

Come, we'll see you there! Contact Yeins  at (917) 664-7784.

WomenI like the women breakfast's because I can share with other women my concerns and if I have a problem I can ask for help and advise easily. I have learned to pray more frequently. Because of this group I am more secure and I have more faith that the Lord won't leave me alone at any moment in my life, even if I am in bad situations.

What I like about the women's group is the unity we have with God, the fellowship with each other and the testimonies of transformed lives by the power of the Lord. We have seen God answer prayer in regards finances, healings, and lives.