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In New Life Christian Center we understand that High School is a defining time in life. We believe that many of the decisions that the young people make today will affect them into their future. Girls in youth

The focus of our youth group is to first of all help the teens have their own personal, real and close relationship with Christ. Where they know Him as a friend. Then to see each young person walk this relationship out in every aspect of their lives: at home, at school and with their friends. We discuss individual situations and how to apply the Word of God to that particular situation. The teens learn to pray and hear God for themselves as the first solution to their problems

We also understand that high school students have a unique opportunity to reach the unreached in their schools. Though teachers are not allowed to lead a student to Christ, students are allowed to share their faith in any way they want. Our youth attend school with people of every walk in life. Many have never heard the gospel before and do not know that Jesus loves them and came to save them. High school is one of the few places in their lives where they will come in such close contact with Christians and have the opportunity to here the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for our youth. That they would first have strong relationship with Christ and then that they would be courageous in sharing their faith with others.

At a riverThere are many positive things that come from the group. We get to share stories and testimonies, then learn from them. We also get to understand the word of God better. I have learned how to handle situations the way the Lord would want me to. I like the interaction with the group leader.
Kevin age 17

The other people in the group are my friends and I feel like they can relate with me and help me out. The leader is annoying (joke laughing) but always gives godly and right advice. The group has helped me change my perspective on a lot of things and let me work on things I need to work on.
Heidy age 17

I like the youth group because we are able to talk about anything and I feel comfortable. My relationship with God has changed in a good way. I have gotten closer to Him.
Katherine age 16

I like that the group allows us to share our thoughts and feelings about getting closer to God.
Naomi age 17